Electrical Inspection

If you notice an electrical circuit isn’t in good condition, you are concerned about safety issues or just want to feel secure, our skilled electricians will visit your house for an inspection. They’ll note any changes required to ensure it’s in line with the current safety standards. We can provide this service either as a stand-alone or with any of our other services.

What’s inspected?

A visual view of electrical service entry as well as the meter and panel for general condition and accessibility to the location.

  • Check electrical panel for ageing connections, age and overall operation.
  • Check for aluminium wiring.
  • Check that safety device like GFCI or ARC fail protection is functioning and are installed.
  • Check a representative sample of receptacles to ensure good grounding, wiring, and operation.
  • Examine a sample of switches and lighting fixtures.
  • Test CO and smoke detectors to determine their effectiveness and then check the expiry date.
  • Check the attic and other unfinished areas of the house for junction boxes or faulty wiring.
  • Examine outdoor lighting and outlets.
  • We provide a written report with a short overview of our electrical system. We also identify any problems or safety concerns.

Electrical-repair copy

Older homes usually last 20 years have had upgrades or renovations made i.e. kitchen upgrades, basement development. Particularly if there are no obvious signs of city permits.

Real-estate transactions

Homeowners who are experiencing electrical problems i.e. malfunctioning devices, breakers that trip.

Insurance coverage when requested by your insurance provider for your home.
There are many motives behind the need to have an electrical test done. Some of the most frequent ones are:
Protection from potential surges It is a typical issue in various areas, particularly when there is a severe storm. Surges in electricity can not just damage the appliances you use, they can cause short circuits in your home. While the inspection is carried out the inspector will look for various points in the wiring that could create this kind of accident.

Many times it was discovered the short-circuiting of electrical wires was the cause of an explosion or fire in a home. The short circuits can be caused by loose wires within the meter, or even in the cable within the cabling. When the inspection is completed, the examiner is able to spot these issues and then ask you to correct the problem.


Think of touching an electronic gadget and instantly feeling an erupting electrical current through your body. While the shock might not be as severe but it could cause other accidents quickly. In addition, the body current of the electronic device can interfere with its operation or cause it to be unusable. A qualified electrician can spot these wiring issues and rectify them in time.

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