Electrical service and repair

How to repair your system?

Upgrade your system

This includes services like the installation of new wires, new Receptacles, and even switching to more modern fixtures. This also involves modifications like increasing the power at your residence that could require installing new breakers with more ratings for wattage.

Reviewing and rating the whole electrical system

This is an upgrade that can help avoid running appliances continuously even when they’re not required. This can also help reduce energy costs. Engaging a professional electrician to handle this job will help you have a steady current that will only be put to use only when it is needed since they’ll inspect every outlet, wire and receptacle.

Checking underground wiring systems

This is typically the case in commercial spaces in which the power lines are connected to the building underground. The process of repairing and inspecting them could be risky and should only be performed by qualified professionals. They can take out, replace or repair the damaged wires, and finish an inspection without disturbing ground or disrupting the operations within the building.

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    Super Charger Electric

    Supercharger electric Ltd was designed to concentrate on residential electrical services. We offer complete electrical services that are reliable, courteous, and designed to assist homeowners living in the local area.

    About Our Process

    At supercharger electric Ltd, an extensive portfolio of products and services to test electrical equipment include:

    Review of electrical installation design. An initial inspection is required for electrical installations. Regularly evaluating electrical installations. Particular missions for insurers. The measurement of power in electrical installations. Measurement of the electrical installation’s turbulence. Risk analysis of electrical failure. Technical advice regarding how you can design and utilize electrical installations. Thermographic measurements of electrical installations.

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